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North Shore MMA Training Camp

*All Levels Welcome

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Our classes are available at all levels. This is not your box store feel good workout class. We are a competitive training facility committed to the authentic art and discipline of mixed martial arts.

Come find out what all the 5 star reviews are all about!


“Very few compare to North Shore Muay Thai Academy. Whether you want to be a professional fighter or just looking to get in shape, gain confidence in yourself, and start crushing life, this is the place for you."

Jason Root

“Marc Meltzer's patience and understanding gave me the confidence I needed to appreciate the sport again. I highly recommend NSMTA to anyone looking for a positive and motivating environment."

Heather Lyons

Who Are Our Students?


Athletes that are cross-training for other sports

People who want to get in shape but can’t stand the monotony of going to a normal gym

People who want to learn how to defend themselves

Former athletes looking for a place to still be part of a competitive environment

People wanting to toughen up a little bit

People wanting to learn a new skill set

What Do You Get?

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boxing_glove white.png
boxing_glove white.png
boxing_glove white.png
boxing_glove white.png
boxing_glove white.png

An amazing culture of people to associate with

Improved personal discipline and self-respect

A deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you tick

Increased confidence and mindfulness

Improved mental and physical health

Access to a supportive and motivational national network of fellow martial artists


Our GOAL is to help you EMPOWER YOURSELF through the martial arts...

Our MISSION is to help you achieve PERSONAL GREATNESS and find TRUTH within...



71 Linden St. #201A

Lynn, MA 01905

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