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  • I'm out of shape! Will Kickboxing be too challenging for me?
    Nope! One of the great things about Kickboxing is that every workout can be scaled or modified to suit any fitness level. A brand new Kickboxer and a veteran Muay Thai Fighter can be given the same drills and workout; however, the workout will be adjusted so that it is more manageable for the novice and more advanced for the veteran. Don’t let not being in shape get in the way of getting into shape.
  • Will Muay Thai improve my cardio?
    Cardio is in an inescapable part of Muay Thai. You’ll have an increased heart rate for 90% of your workout and we do a great job of keeping the energy high so you stay motivated. All the movements, drills and exercises are full-body, calorie burning workouts. We promise, there is no lack of cardio at our school.
  • Can I just come for sparring and nothing else?
    No. We take our training and our safety very seriously, and to mitigate potential injuries, sparring is reserved for students who have spent some time in our system and have built a rapport with your teammates.
  • Can I come in & just hit the bag?
    No. We are curriculum based & everyone takes classes. We do offer heavy bag focused classes if that is what you are interested in. Check out our Classes Page for times and details.
  • Will I get injured during class?
    The central purpose of our program is to establish safe and efficient training habits. While we pride ourselves on keeping safety standards to the highest level, there is always an inherent risk to any martial art. This risk can be lowered by respecting the importance of skillful movement and progressing at a suitable pace. These concepts are hammered in during the Technical Foundations Class, so every student is given the tools required to avoid injury. Bruising is completely normal in the beginning until your shins & thighs become conditioned.
  • I am in town visiting…can I train without a membership?
    Short answer, yes. We encourage anyone to come check out our program, watch a class or take one! It is always difficult when someone “drops-in” for a class because every school trains differently. If you have been training for at least 1 year please contact us to set up a time to come in. All Muay Thai and Kickboxing gyms train their athletes differently, we ask that when you are in our space, you respect our culture, our students and our facility. If you plan to visit, reach out so we can learn more about you and dicsuss drop-in rates.
  • Will I get locked into a contract?
    No. We offer classes in month to month memberships and a 10-class packs. There are no longterm contracts outside of that and you can always cancel your membership at the end of your month.
  • Can I pause my membership if I go on vacation or am treating an injury?
    We can pause your membership while you are away. We pause accounts monthly not weekly so let us know!
  • I want to fight!
    Great! Let’s get to work. It doesn’t come easy, so show us how bad you want it!
  • Can I get started right away?
    Yes! We offer classes for all skill levels. Reach out and we'll get you into the right class.
  • What should I expect during my introduction lesson?
    You're beginning a new journey. Expect to learn some new things about yourself, meet new people, move in ways you've never moved before, and get sweaty! We always start with a quick warm-up, and then we get to learning strikes. We always finish with a strength routine.
  • Do y’all train UFC?
    No. Muay Thai is definitely a skill that can be a huge advantage in the MMA arena, but we train specifically for Muay Thai. And we also all train with our shirts on!
  • What gear do I need to bring with me?
    You will need the following: A pair of gym shorts that stop above your knees or leggings. Nothing too baggy please. A t-shirt you don’t mind getting sweaty. An open mind. A positive attitude. Wrist wraps if you would like them. We train barefoot, so you don't need special shoes. That’s it! We will provide you with gloves and shin gaurds if you don’t have your own. We are pumped to get you started!
  • What gear would you recommend I get for myself if I am ready to take this seriously and where can I get it?
    These are the items you will most likey want and need: 16oz Boxing Gloves - Any 16oz Glove around $60.00 - $80.00 Wrist Wraps - Most Sports Stores Carry - Get the 210 inches long unless you have an extra small frame Mouth Guard - Most Sports Stores Carry Shin Guards - Get Leather Shin Guards for training - Cloth Shin Guards Are Generally for Competition Jump Rope - Most Sporting Goods Stores Carry unless you want a Thai Rope which you’d get the Rogue Thai-Style Rope 2.0 There are the brands you should look at: Fairtex Twins Title Fighting Rival RevGear These are good places to buy gear: Amazon Title Boxing Combat Sports Revgear Rogue Fitness
  • What can I expect from Muay Thai Kickboxing?
    Muay Thai is considered the King of the Martial Arts, both reveared and feared in the ring. Those who become Muay Thai practitioners through our training programs often experience the following: Decrease in body fat Increase in stamina and endurance Real-life self defense techniques World class instruction Increased confidence A team environment that becomes a built in work out buddy system Instructors devoted to making sure you achive your goals
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